IGNOU MAPC (Masters in Psychology) Solved Assignments

MAPC Solved Assignments

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    IGNOU MAPC Solved 1st year

    MPC 00 - Advanced Social Psychology
    MPC 001 - Cognitive Psychology, Learning, and Memory
    MPC 002 - Lifespan Psychology
    MPC 003 - Personality: Theories and Assessment
    MPC 005 - Research Methods in Psychology

    IGNOU MAPC Solved 2nd year

    MPCE 011 - Psychopathology
    MPCE 012 - Psycho-diagnostics
    MPCE 013 - Psycho-therapeutic methods
    MPCE 01 - Practicals: Clinical
    MPCE 015 - Field Work
    MPCE 01 - Project
    MPCE 021 - Counseling Psychology
    MPCE 022 - Assessment in Counselling and Guidance
    MPCE 023 - Interventions in counseling
    MPCE 02 - Practicals: Counselling
    MPCE 025 - Field Work
    MPCE 02 - Project
    MPCE 031 - Organizational Behavior (OBY)
    MPCE 032 - Human Resource Development (HRD)
    MPCE 033 - Organizational Development (OD)
    MPCE 03 - Practicals: Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    MPCE 035 - Field Work
    MPCE 03 - Project

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