IGNOU Master of Arts in Political Science (MPS) Projects Synopsis


MPS by IGNOU stands for Master of Arts in Political Science. The aim of Masters Degree in Political Science is to provide the learners a sound base in political studies by an in-depth investigation into broad range of political phenomena at the national, regional and international levels.

The Programme provides option for specialising in Political Theories, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Indian Government and Politics. Learners would thus acquire skills in political analysis as well as sharpen their critical and analytical abilities.

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    Syllabus of MPS

    MPS-003 India: Democracy and Development(Credits 8)

    MPS-001 Political Theory (Credits 8)

    MPS-002 International Relations: Problems & Theory (Credits 8)

    MPS-004 Comparative Politics: Issues and Trends (Credits 8)


    MPSE-003 Western Political Thought (Credits 4)

    MPSE-004 Social and Political Thought in Modern India (Credits 4)

    MPSE-001 India and the World (Credits 4) •MPSE-002 State and Society in Latin America (Credits 4)

    MPSE-005 State and Society in Africa (Credits 4)

    MPSE-006 Peace and Conflict Studies (Credits 4)

    MPSE-007 Social Movements and Politics in India (Credits 4)

    MPSE-008 State Politics in India (Credits 4)

    MPSE-009 Canada: Politics and Society 4MPSE-010 Dissertation (Optional) (Credits 8)

    MPSE-011 The European Vision in World Affairs (Credits 4)

    MPSE-012 State and Society in Australia (Credits 4)

    MPSE-013 Australia's Foreign Policy (Credits 4)

    MED-002 Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges (Credits 4)

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