IGNOU Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) Projects Synopsis


MLIS programme by IGNOU is also known as Master of Library and Information Science, launched in the year 1994. The revised version of the programme was launched from July 2005.

Information access, processing, organisation and dissemination are the core components. Unlike the MLIS Courses of other Universities, MLIS programme puts emphasis on handling and access to information in all forms rather than the conventional library activities. The popularity of the course has resulted in spreading its wing to other countries also like Mauritius, Dubai, Kuwait, etc.

Eligibility for MLIS:

  1. The programme is available to the candidates who have BLIS Degree or its equivalent from any recognised university and similar institutions.
  2. Weightage will be given to the candidates having working experience in libraries, information centre or other related organisations.

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    Syllabus for MLIS by IGNOU

    - MLI-101 Information, Communication And Society (Credits 0)
    - MLI-102 Management of Library And Information Centres (Credits 0)
    - MLII-101 Information Sources, Systems and Services (Credits 4)
    - MLII-102 Information Processing and Retrieval (Credits 0)
    - MLII-103 Fundamentals of Information Communication Technologies (Credits 0)
    - MLII-104 Information Communication Technologies: Application (Credits 0)
    - MLIE-101 Preservation and Conservation of Library Material (Credits 0)
    - MLIE-102 Research Methodology (Credits 0)
    - MLIE-103 Academic Library System (Credits 0)
    - MLIE-104 Technical Writing (Credits 4)
    - MLIE-105 Scientometrics and Informatics (Credits 4)
    - MLIE-106 Public Library System and Services (Credits 4)
    - MLIP-002 Project/Dissertation (Credits 4)

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