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Distance Learning Masters in Business Administration offered by IGNOU, is one of the most “in Demand” distance learning courses in India.  It is also ranked at a very significant position among the universities offering Master of Business Administration course in the distance Learning mode. To complete the MBA Degree from IGNOU it is obligatory to complete the Master of Business Administration Dissertation in the Administration Studies. As almost all of the IGNOU MBA Students are working professional thus they lack time and sometimes guidance in completing these dissertations, Synopsis and Task for the MBA Programs from IGNOU and that is the reason we offer ignou mba project help.

The students may take Projects after enrolling for MS-01 MS -11 Courses. The Project can maintain any of the functional area for example: Sales and Marketing, Human Resource Management, Operations, Financing, Services Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality.

We at IGNOU Solved Projects help in making high quality Synopsis, Projects, Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior and so on and so forth subject.

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    IGNOU Solved Projects offer all the help to its precious students. From Synopsis to IGNOU MBA Project, we provide everything and the reason behind this is we want our students to score good marks.

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    At IGNOU Solved Projects, you can easily get access to all the projects of IGNOU MBA (Masters of Business Administration) program. Our team of dedicated professionals brings you synopsis and projects and help you smoothly move on with the Management Program offered by IGNOU.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is IGNOU Distance MBA program recognized by UGC and AICTE?
    Yes the IGNOU distance MBA program is recognized by both University Grants Commission(UGC) and All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE).

    How valid is the distance MBA offered by IGNOU?
    Since the program is approved by the UGC and AICTE. This makes it acceptable anywhere in in India, that being said, the recruiters might have their own set of norms for the candidate they prefer and varies widely from company to company. The placement prospects for the program varies from company to company. If you have the right set of skills along with a distance MBA, you are always a contender for a better job.

    Will it help me to get a job?
    IGNOU’s MBA is a certification that you have successfully completed the courses prescribed by IGNOU. You will need skills relevant to your field of work to be successfully placed in a company.

    Is IGNOU MBA valid for government jobs?
    Yes, most government agencies and public sector companies accept IGNOU’s MBA program.

    Can I work while I am doing my distance MBA from IGNOU?
    Yes, the counselling sessions are held in the weekend holidays, so you can continue with your work while you learn.

    Is there an Entrance Test for Admission?
    Yes, you have to qualify in the OPENMAT entrance test to get admission in the distance MBA program offered by IGNOU.

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