IGNOU Master of Arts. Education (MAEDU) Projects Synopsis


IGNOU Master of Arts (Education) (MAEdu)) with Duration from 2 to 5 Years Eligibility Bachelor’s Degree Programme.

This Programme comprises five compulsory courses, one course on educational research and four courses in one of the specialised areas e.g. higher education, educational technology, educational management, etc. Apart from the theoretical courses, a student is required to submit a research report in the form of a dissertation. The Programme would provide both theoretical and practical inputs.

IGNOU Master of Arts in Education Programme comprises four groups of courses with differential weightage. The total number of credits will be 68 and each student is expected to cover 34 credits each year.

  • Group A: Basic Course on Education
  • Group B: Core Courses
  • Group C: Courses on Knowledge Generation in Education
  • Group D: Specialised Areas in Education


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