It is a Diploma Program given by IGNOU for its thinner to build skills in communicating nutrition and health related advice about the people of different areas. IGNOU DNHE PROJECT is a really significant part the DNHE program. This project will assist the student to plan and execute nutrition/ health education campaigns and application in the neighbourhood.

The Class IGNOU DNHE PROJECT provides students an engaging introduction to the vital topics related to wellness and nutrition. IGNOU DNHE PROJECT is a study mission, given to pupil which demands a larger quantity of effort; it needs pupils to undertake their particular fact finding for IGNOU DNHE 4 SYNOPSIS and IGNOU DNHE 4 REPORT.

PROJECT REPORT will be to build up knowledge in the area of nutrition and public health and to encourage awareness about principles and concepts in communicating community.

How to frame DNHE project report 

  • Identify and formulate research issues
  • Compose a Fantastic research proposal
  • Conduct scientific evaluation in a systematic manner
  • Gather and analyze the information
  • Learn How to use appropriate statistical approaches
  • The eligibility standards to be an Otherwise guide may from Maidan Garhi additionally.
  • In Tourism management using a Minimum of 2 decades Undergraduate/Post Graduate teaching expertise Or Minimum of 2 years’ experience at Post Graduate degree.
  • Minimum of five decades of teaching experience in the fullest degree.
  • The pupil while Submitting the synopsis should additionally submit the bio-data of their manager, duly signed by the manager (Refer to Appendix-I).
  • The student will submit the synopsis in addition to the bio-data of this manager (where it's required), in the Study Centre/Regional Centre.

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    Topics of IGNOU DNHE 4 synopsis & Project Report

    1. Nutritional Status of Preschool (1-3 Years) Children
    2. Nutrition Knowledge Attitude and Practices among Students of Delhi
    3. Effects of Childcare Practices on the Nutritional Status of the Infants of Working Mothers Attending Daycare Centers
    4. KAP (Knowledge, Attitude And Practice) among Nutrition and Non- Nutrition Students
    5. A Study to Analyze the Prevalence of Obesity among Preschool Children Studying in Government and Private Schools
    6. To Study of the Factors Influencing the Choice of Family Planning Measures among Couples
    7. To Study the Factors Associated with Child Obesity among Preschool Children (Aged 2 To 5 Years)
    8. A Study to Analyze the Relationship between Malnutrition and Infection
    9. Management of Infectious Diarrhea
    10. Preventing and Controlling Micronutrient Deficiencies
    11. Traditional Foods for Pregnant & Lactating Women & their Nutritional Significance
    12. A Study about Management of Diabetes Mellitus


    The Final Study

    There'll be Remuneration into the Supervisor/Guide for directing each undertaking. He/she can assert Entry of this project/dissertation of the students in the Regional Centre.

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